One fine morning, at around 9.00am, just as I drag my wobbly legs (thanks to my sleepy head) to Sports Club, Ahmedabad; the sound of upbeat music streaming from the studio excites me. Not being a morning person, I push myself to make way to the 2nd floor of the gym. As I step in a thunder of tremendous energy, I feel passion of Arti, the trainer and a power of positivity bustling in the room where a bevy of wonderful women were swaying, singing and dancing to the tunes of ‘I am sexy and I know it’. It was thrilling to simply watch them!

Arti Shah at the studio in Sports club

Having tried several fitness regimes myself, I found there was something very appealing and unique about Jazzercise. This US based pulse-pounding, beat-pumping fitness program gets fast results, and helps one lose fat and upto 800 calories/session. A hot playlist to groove and sizzle on helps one feel fit, sexy and confident. A perfect way to kickstart one’s day, isn’t it?
Arti Shah, the owner of Jazzercise, has moved to Ahmedabad from US recently with her family. She has a B.S. in Law and Business and also a Masters in Finance. She gave up her prosperous career in the US to be with her kids and followed her heart to become a trainer. Arti says, “My vision is to help and motivate women achieve their goals, feel confident and fit.” Her current campaign is ‘real women, real results’, and takes tremendous pride in the results of her fellow Jazzercisers. “Their results are mine,” she adds. Her competence, empathy towards them, and amazing charisma is what struck me the most. Arti has taught in the US for 5 years before moving back while being the ONLY INDIAN woman ever to be certified with the Jazzercise program! She trains for several different fitness formats with a predefined choreography and different dance mixes, strikes, cardio kickboxing, HIIT, Plyo, fusion, yoga, strength and core building exercises. The passion with which she teaches makes the ambience lively and whole experience unparalleled.
 Ask her about her source of inspiration and she quips, “Back in the US, I had put on almost a100 kgs during my pregnancy and struggled with weight like most women do. I felt disconnected with my own self and being active helped me gain my self-confidence back. Jazzercise was my answer to a fun, safe, effective fitness program. Once I came across a Jazzercise studio, I couldn’t resist walking in and got hooked since then. A year later I got certified and the rest is history.”
Arti has helped many women change lives, helping them not only lose weight but also regain morale and happiness. Loved the way she interacted with the women while on the go and cheered them to push their limits, albeit with a smile on her face. I could make out that she paid attention to every woman on the floor. Arti pays fine consideration to severity of medical history and keeps a tab for all her clients, modifying their exercise routine accordingly.
Arti has happy clients from all different age groups – starting from 16 to 64! I took the opportunity and spoke to Jazzercisers post their session.
One of her clients, Ashini Bhatt has a seven month old baby. Recently while she had been on a vacation to the US, she ended up buying a lot of plus size clothes post pregnancy. To her astonishment, within two months of starting Jazzercise, she could slip into her medium clothes once again, never having to look back on the plus sizes anymore. Rinky and Pinky, the twin sisters, love their morning sessions. Pinky says Arti is my “sunshine” and Rinky adds she is the most positive person one could ever meet. Alisha has lost 20 kg after joining Jazzericse and Sharmeen says this is the longest fitness regimen that she has stuck to. She was able to gain lean muscle mass and add that other trainers don’t understand the needs of the clients and fail to give the required personal attention. Siddhi said she woke up to a message from Arti reminding her not jump too much at the sessions to help her recover of the pain in her knees. That level of thoughtfulness clients received was something we never get to experience here. I was in disbelief when I learnt there was absolutely NO one in the room who didn’t have results.


Arti is one of the most passionate women I have ever come across. I describe her as a stunning woman with a soul just as luminous who loves helping women achieve their fitness ambitions. She has created a Jazzercise community and invites more people to join their civic with ‘open for all’ workshops. Make sure to attend one, I bet it’ll keep you yearning for more and certainly change your life for good!

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