With summers showing a little mercy, Ahmedabad is ready to rock once again. The heat wave last month brought the city to a standstill, but the showers last week have brought some relief. Now is a great time to get out and enjoy the many social events the city is famous for. The D’street flea market is the best place to be this weekend! 
Starting today, till 5th, you can be a part of this exciting flea-  a lovely urban twist to our own good old mela! Ahmedabad has been famous for melas since a long time. We also have some amazing Gujarati folk songs resonating with gujju love for melas. ‘Aa man paacham na mela ma’ is one wonderful Gujarati folk song about different people who come to this mela. All my Gujarati friends, please check out the beautiful lyrics with meaning – http://www.layastaro.com/?p=8358
Man paacham – all sorts of people come to this fair and they get different things to sell. Some come to buy. Whereas some are only spectators. A fair resembles our life! There are different people in the mela like this world we live in, and all bring their own flavour. One of my very favourite navratri special song ‘Charr charr maru chakdol chale’ is about a ride called chakdol which is popular in melas. Though it is a ride for children,  adults love to croon on the song as much as the little people. Another one is ‘Hu to gai ti mele’. OK I am going to stop listing down songs about fairs. 
But I have some amazing memories associated with all of these songs and also melas from my childhood. Infact, all of you must have, isn’t it? What’s better than revisiting some sweet memories from your childhood as you lead your adult life on the go?
Whether you are parents to naughty kids or a college going student, or someone from the life-begins-at-60 club; D’street flea will be the best escape into your childhood- a street taking you down memory lane – to a carefree and young past…

Just as you see different people on the street, there are all sorts of people coming to D’street flea bringing their items. Lets give and take together. Lets indulge in shopping as we make happy memories. Are you bringing something to the flea? As it isn’t only about items to be sold or bought, one can even bring happiness or exchange beautiful smiles. 

Make a visit at D’street – Montecristo Banquet, Nr. Crescent Lawn, End of Sindhu Bhawan Road, S.P Ring Road Cross Road – from 3rd to 5th June, 4 PM to 11 PM. 

Are you up for fleeing and some fleaing with me?