What is it that makes people street smart? Do you think you are street smart? So I took up this quiz online and according to it found out that I am really street smart 😛
You will find out, that this really doesn’t determine whether you are smart or not. 
Do these quizzes really decide how smart you are? We all know how so many studies/researches claim that these days EQ – Emotional Quotient is more important to get a job and excel in whatever you do, rather than IQ. Similarly, being street smart solves half of the problems life throws at you, isn’t it?
It is very important to be thoughtful and think of all different scenarios in any given situation to be street smart. Also, if you know what to say, when to say and how to say it; half the battle is won. I think all of this sums up when it comes to being street smart.
Simply being on the street also makes you street smart! Just get out there and see for yourself.  Whether you are an introvert or an ambivert, you should try and meet people from time to time and attend social events. I feel I am an ambivert; I am reluctant to go out at times, but once I try and make it, I usually find myself enjoying. I am sure you would too!
There is one such event in Ahmedabad which will not only hone your social skills as you will get to interact with all different people, but also give you a chance to indulge in some food, fashion and fun as you network with interesting people in the city.


D’Street Flea market is a great place to shop this holiday season. A refreshing change in the hot summer afternoons, this flea ensures lots of enjoyment and new stuff to do. Visit the flea from 3rd to 5th June at Montecristo Banquet, End of Sindhubhavan road, Ahmedabad. Let’s be street smart at D’street!