The D’ocean flea market was a successful showdown with stall owners as well as the visitors enjoying themselves. The stall owners made profits while people were thronging to see the interesting stalls lined up. I had fun to beat the heat with some cool fashion and also the amazing oceanic theme of the flea. The Green Pearl party plot was very nicely decorated with synthetic ships, beach and cut outs of beach items like surfboards.  The Hawaiian natives’ cutouts on the sand definitely made you feel like you were on some tropical island.
With fashion, art pieces, food and some awesome new products, I was excited to be at the flea. It was fun to interact with fantabulous stall owners and the eager, fun loving Ahmedabadis. Here are some glimpses-
Rogan Art
Inncrafts had this amazing print on bags and mobile covers called the ‘Rogan Art’. This 300 year old art now prevails in only one family in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said to have gifted US President Obama a wall hanging of this art, which he has displayed in the White House.
Tathya is a famous brand for kurtis – they had a very nice collection.
Handy Mandy Creations by Preeti Panchal was a wonderful stall with unique handmade home décor items.
Prason Chakraborty from Mumbai had some awesome coasters and sketches on display.
Mihika with her mom – visitor
Prachi Talreja is one of my favourites. She had her wonderful collection of apparels in tow.
Inshape – a very interesting product, it is a detox powder which needs to be consumed like a juice by adding water. It helps you detox your system, thereby aiding weight loss in a completely natural and easy way. I tried it and surprisingly it even tasted good!
Zoci Voci is this fun brand selling personalized lamps. This stall lighted up at night and was quite the centre of attraction.


TeaZahn by Hinesh Kotecha is an awe inspiring concept – they sell luxury green teas and white teas with some wonderful brewing products which they have created by themselves.
This kettle with the little candle brewing the tea tenderly is my favourite.


Dhruvit Zaveri from CEPT wowed the audience (and me too) with a new musical instrument that he has invented by himself! The ‘Pip-o-phone’ is a derivative of alto saxophone. It has this sweet sound which mesmerizes you each time you hear it. He also teaches people to play this instrument, while naming this initiative ‘Kund’.


Some pictures from an impromptu photo shoot. 



Thank you Harshil for candid yet wonderful pictures. Harshil Shah Photography is your one stop destination for wedding, portfolio and any other event photography. This event was definitely a great one – hope to see many more by Sharva Adds in future.